Using Sears Online HR System

The Sears Holding Corporations created to give a quick and easy service to the employees, managers and partners of the company. For those who are a staff in this company, you can get your own enterprise ID and password to access the sears 88 website.

Things to remember before you register to the website
a. You will show basically the right knowledge about you.
b. View the web page initially before you start registering with attain tips on the way the system works.
c. Read through and learn the terms and condition of the business when signing up.
d. If you really have more questions regarding the company and problem you can call the web page at 1-888-88sears.
What do you need to access the website?
a. You need to get your own personal computer and internet connection to surf the website.
b. You need to obtain some personal information prior to enrollment.
c. You have to employ higher versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer anytime you are surfing the webpage. This will be sure you do not to have any trouble when exploring the web page. So, in case you have outdated versions of your own browser improve them right away.
How to login using your account?
1. First, it’s important to type the internet site URL which is
2. Next, press the enrol option.
3. Then, type your user ID and password.
4. Lastly, click on the ‘Log on” button.

Tracking Your Earnings

You can track your earnings in the website as long as you are a sears employee in the company. You can also update some employment information in case there are changes. These are the things that you can do:

  1. View your monthly paychecks anytime you want.
  2. Make a direct deposit to your accounts.
  3. Change the direct deposit details in case there are some updates.
  4. You can also change some details in your W-4 information.
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