Spam Prevention Tips and Methods

Many people experienced being pissed off with those spam messages they receive daily. Not just once but more than what they could take for making those important messages unable to read immediately. These spam messages have only two goals, either to scam the one reading or advertise their site for products and services. No matter how much you try to change your gmail account login ID, if it can be found all over the internet, you cannot stop spam. What you need is some tactics and advices to at least minimize what you receive every day. Here in this article, you can read few of them.

  1. Create a unique not a standard or simple email ID that could be easily guess or found on the web. There are people who just use “contact” with their email which is pretty common email. You can change the old setup by personalizing your email ID. You can combine words that are similar to you or to your domain making it very far from the standard forms.
  2. You are not aware but your gmail account login ID is exposed all over the internet. There are websites, especially free sites that are not good in keeping private your personal information. Spammers may obtain this information and eventually you will receive spam messages.
  3. Your email ID is also exposed on your website. Spammers may visit your site and eventually will be glad when they can see that your email ID is plastered on your website. You can put an email ID there so your clients can reach you but do not put your main email ID.
  4. There are JavaScript codes where you can use to encrypt your email ID. It can help you hide your email ID on every online transaction you have.

These are just simple tactics which can be or not be helpful to you.

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