Regions Bank Online Registration Process

Do you have an opened account in Regions Bank? If yes, you can now enjoy the online services that this bank offers. It is more convenient now to apply on any services they offer through online. You can also get immediate updates from your account. To enjoy this convenience, here is the guide on how to create an online regions banking account.image2

Before you begin the subscription process you must have the following things:

  1. You need to have a computer using an internet access.
  2. Your own legal email address to join. If you don’t have one set up a account to any webmail companies.
  3. You must have a bank account by now in Regions Bank.
  4. You will need also your own personal Social Security Number.

How to Register?

  1. Visit the site first of Regions Bank at online regions banking login
  2. Look for that link “Enroll for Online Banking’ and then click The link can be found around the upper right area of the main page. Just next to the label “Online Banking Login”.
  3. Study first of all the introduction material via the bank regarding the enrollment procedure and once you will be finished press “Continue”.
  4. In that case, pick the sort of account you want to Additionally select which sort, either personal or business account. You will have to select in what your account have to be confirmed. It is easy to settle upon using Customer Number or your ATM Check Card.
  5. Input your Social Security Number and your account information. In case you’re done, just click the key “Continue”.
  6. Set up your very own account ID and password to aid you to go forward with the enrollment.
  7. You may now use your account when you have through with the construction of user account info.

You can now have online regions checks after you are done with the enrolment process.

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