How to Register at My Premier Credit Card?

Are you looking for a bank that offers low rates of interest? First Premier Bank offers low rates of My Premier credit card. So, if you are interested you can always apply online now. Payments are made easier too. The bank offers three ways for people to pay. You can choose among the three.image2

  1. If you would like to initiate compensation by way of telephone, it’s possible to call the customer support within the team at 1-800-987-5521. Press 1 for English and next 2 for payments. Second, press again 1 for telephone payment selection. Afterward, type in the credit card number with your keypad and just wait for a consultant over the phone. It will ask about your debit or checking account to process the payment.
  2. You will need to enrol your credit card to start with online by visiting their web site and then click “Enroll Now”. You must offer your credit card number, the expiration date as well as the three digits you may see in the rear of the card. You also need to provide the name as well as the billing address of the card. Make your own username and password on your user. And lastly, hit the “Register Card” button. You are able to view your user profile and deal with your profile. Subsequent, click on the “Pay My Bill” alternative and then set up your internet account employing a bank checking account. Just visit My Premier Credit Card sign in page.
  3. In case you are paying up by mail, you must transfer a check or money on the bank. You have to search for your present billing statement then get the bottom part to be shipped along with the money or check. It is important to mail it on the address on the bank.

Choose on how you pay now so you won’t be late.

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