Get Your Child Support in Florida

Parents who are separated are obliged to pay for a child support to their child or children. There are also other types who should support a child if the parents do not exist anymore such as caregiver, state or guardian. You can visit info at County of Florida website. How can a child receive the payment?image3

Receive from Direct Deposit

  1. The first you have to do is authorize the Florida Department of Revenue to permit making a direct deposit of cash in your bank account. You need to complete the Child Support Payment Options form after which mail it for the address seen in the form.
  2. As soon as you have to set up a direct deposit of a checking account, a preprint voided check is necessary together with the form.
  3. When you intend to set up a direct deposit of a savings account, it’s essential to have a letter acquired into your bank with the bank routing number plus your own account number.
  4. Whenever you haven’t still accumulated any assistance, you’ll be able to contact the regional Clerk of the Court office. There are several local court office numbers seen in the web site.

Receive Payment from Debit MasterCard

  • For those who do not have a bank account, obtaining a Florida Debit Mastercard is also a great option. This is also obtainable for those who have bank accounts to use.
  • Just inquire a card starting with filling out the Child Support Payment Options form. Be sure to send it to the address seen in the form. The card is useful for three years and you will immediately get an alternative one a month prior to an expiration date.
  • Your balance can be check and its accessible 24 hours each day and seven days weekly online. Just create an account at Florida EPPICard website.
  • It’s possible to monitor of the once a month when you are paid in the right amount. Or else, you may contact a nearby Clerk of the Court office.

Get your own account at myfloridacounty website for more information about the child support.

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