Early Application of W-2 Form in ADP

If you want to get the job done right away of your payroll process, use ADP iPay on your company now. It does the job faster than you ever think. Employees must register on the website. After that, they can check their income online, review all their payroll information and even edit their W-2 form. They can also request of early W-2 from ADP. How? This site will tell you.

Ways to get your W-2 form early from ADP

  1.  You have to inform first your manager that you will request for your W-2 in advance and acquire your employee ID number. It’s recommended to tell your employer as in the beginning October or November.
  2. Head to ADP iPay web page and after that login together with your account. If it’s your first time, you should choose the “Register Now’ on the page. Simply type in the basic data required at subscription just like your employee ID, tax year, SSS number and zip code.
  3. You can now ask for your electronic version of your W-2 form. The site will need you to provide important info such as your Social Security number and then your workplace name. You are able to print your form just after receiving it.
  4. You could now call ADP and start making the request immediately. You can get the phone number on their website.

This post will tell you also on how you can check your W-2 profile at ADP.

The Way to Check out Your W-2 Form Onlineimage

  1. Just sign in the account you may have made in ADP portal. Follow the link which states you will notice your W-2 form. Just follow the instructions given in the page.
  2.  You can easily access your W-2 online. You can also print it as several copies you want when tax return should have it.

Visit the ADP website now so you can read more information on how to use the system.

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