Advantages for Inmate Using CorrLinks Program

Sometimes visiting a loved one inside the prison is not always the option, especially when you have children and work. You can now communicate with the person inside using CorrLinks. All you need is an invitation from the inmate and you can start corresponding with each other through email at It can be anytime you want. Why use CorrLinks?image 2

  1. System allows fast communication. Do you want to receive often news from your loved ones inside or outside? The federal of Prisons issued this system because snail mails often do not reach prisons. You can get in touch with inmates or individual loved ones with few words. All you need is to pay the minimum cost for the service and you can now send multiple emails. You can even read them an hour after it was send when the security already examined every email.
  2. System only allows authenticated messages. Goodbye to spam and junk emails since the system will reject those emails that are not important and don’t contain substance. This is the safest and easiest way for you to correspond with one another without the interruption of unimportant emails. The system is trustworthy and handles large traffics of corrlinks prison emails.
  3. System is very easy to use. The process of registration can only take a few minutes. When you get the invitation, all you need is an email address and the identification code sent to you. After that, you can now use it. Just add the inmate number and you can correspond with them. Inmate will only enter the registry number given and then can access now the system.
  4. System is protected with the messages sent. The system controls the number of emails being sent and received by users. Only those who are authorized can do the tasks. The system can block or approve emails when it meets the standard set by the security.

Visit the website now to get more information about how to get your own account.

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